Spiritual Disciplines and the Central Strategy for Fighting Guilt

For many of us, spiritual disciplines and guilt go together like chicken and garlic (it’s a thing, trust me). As soon as someone even mentions having a daily quiet time our guilt radar gets a ping. We feel bad that we don’t read the Bible enough, pray enough, and we can often feel that in some way God would be happier with us if we did them more.

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Christians Should Be the First to Check Their Privilege

I am a white upper middle class tertiary-educated able-bodied married Christian heterosexual man living in one of the wealthiest, highest HDI-rated countries in the world. That puts me in about every category possible for having ‘privilege’.

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Is Christianity Intolerant?

The objection that Christianity is intolerant is increasingly common. “Christians don’t accept the views of other people as equally valid. They think that they have a monopoly on truth. They think that they are ‘right’ and other people are ‘wrong’. How bigoted and intolerant!”

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God Doesn’t Care If You ‘Feel Called’ Or Not


This is a bit of a pet peeve of mine. The language of ‘feeling called’ seems to be ubiquitous in Christian circles. “I really feel called to say this…”; “I’ve just never really felt called to missions”; “Ever since that point I’ve just really felt called into the ministry.” Why do we talk like that? Continue reading

Why Christians Should Watch Noah

NoahAronofsky’s Noah has been out for just over a week, and it’s already stirred up a lot of controversy. Even amongst Christians, there’s been a wide range of responses. I’ve read a bunch of different articles from different perspectives, but really wanted to wait until I’d seen the movie before I could make my own judgement. My wife and I watched it last night, so here’s my two cents. Continue reading

40,000 Denominations Worldwide – Christianity Divided?

Scattered puzzle pieces next to solved fragmentSome critics of Christianity are keen to point out that, according to best estimates, there are roughly 40,000 Christian denominations worldwide. This is an astoundingly large figure, and some see it as evidence that Christianity is divided; if Christians can’t even agree amongst themselves, how can they make exclusive claims about absolute truth?  Continue reading

An Exciting Start For a New 6:30pm Service

Last Sunday, we kicked off the beginnings of a new 6:30pm church service. I wrote a short post about it on the church blog, and thought I’d copy it here too. Enjoy.

Last night, a group of people gathered together in the St. Matt’s building at 6:30pm. In many ways it looked rather un-extraordinary – a gathering of just over 20 people singing songs together, reading from and talking about the Bible, and praying. Continue reading